Vancouver Sturgeon and Salmon Report, May 22nd

Spring is definitely here and we have enjoyed some great weather with some excellent salmon fishing over on the Gulf Island’s and some active sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River.



Luke and Eric have been guiding there guests into some decent numbers of Fraser River sturgeon over the last week.  The river is high, but planning our guided trips to capitalize on the rising tide has proved to be the ticket to success.   We will see the Fraser River remain on the high side for the next few weeks, but with the low snow pack from the past winter we are looking like we are ahead of schedule and it is quite likely that the Fraser River will coming back into shape a few weeks ahead of schedule.  If you are looking to do a half day trip in the Vancouver area, sturgeon fishing is the best option right now as our productive salmon fishing trips in the ocean require a 10 hour trip.




Salmon fishing:

The Gulf Islands have been the place to be over the last couple weeks.  We have had some excellent fishing for chinook salmon in the 10 to 25 pound range.  There has been the odd slower day, but on average you can expect to hook 6 to 12 good chinook salmon a trip.  All of our Gulf Island salmon fishing trips are 10 hours in lengths.  We have also seen a few early coho salmon (open up on June 1) and we have been getting some nice ling cod as well.


Fly Fishing:

With the local rivers being so high due to the freshet, fishing is pretty tough.   Things will pick up once the rivers drop in July.eagle


Good luck and please call us if you are looking to get out on the water!                          604 763 5460

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