Vancouver Fishing Report – May 18th, 2016

We have seen some beautiful weather over the past couple of weeks. Sturgeon fishing has been fair considering the conditions and salmon fishing has been good overall. It was quite windy for a week which kept us on this side of the Strait but when we were able to cross it has been productive.

Sturgeon Fishing

There hasn’t been much change in the conditions or the fishing. Fishing has remained good and the conditions have remained challenging. We are doing our best to stay out of the main current and prevent debris from hitting our lines. This time of year always takes a little more patience but can be very rewarding. We have been having most of our success on eulachon and lamprey. We have been hooking 3-8 fish on our half day trips with the average fish being 4-6 foot in length.


Salmon Fishing

Salmon Fishing has been good locally, in the Gulf Islands and Howe Sound. Since the winds have died down, we have seen some solid fishing in Howe Sound and off of the south end of Bowen Island. The Gulf Islands have had some good days but we have seen orca’s a couple of times this week which has shut down the fishing almost instantly. Typically our local fishery starts to become a bit more hit or miss towards the end of May so our full days to the Gulf Islands is a solid bet. We are hooking 6-12 fish on our full day trips and dropping crab traps until early June.


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