Vancouver Fishing Report – October 7th, 2016

It definately feels like fall now! Sturgeon fishing has been solid and will contuinue to produce fish for the next 2 months. We are coming towards the end of our fall salmon season and it has not dissappinted. We have had some great days on the water with a few frustrating ones mixed in. We do have some opportunity for coho and chum off of the Fraser mouth for another 2 weeks or so.

Sturgeon Fishing

The Fraser river sturgeon fishery is one of Vancouver’s most consistent fisheries from July-November. We have had a great start but things should really start to pick up now that salmon are in all of the Fraser river tributaries. These fish will be heavily feeding and packing on the pounds for the cold winter ahead. Salmon parts and roe are your best bet for the remainder of the season.

Salmon Fishing

Salmon Fishing is almost at the end of its fall season. We have some opportunity to target coho and chum off of the south arm for another couple of weeks. The coho we have seen this year has been sizably bigger than years past. They are averaging 4-7 pounds with fish up to 15 pounds being caught. We should see a solid late run of coho which could be the biggest of the year.

With the migratory season winding down we are starting to get excited for our winter fishery for chinook that starts to pick up steam in December. We have had a few great years of winter chinook fishing and we are hoping this year wont be any different. With the presencse of the anchovoes in the strait of Georgia and the expected big herring spawn happening in Howe Sound in the winter/spring, things are really shaping up to be another solid year of winter springs. Give us a call or email us to get out for our favorite fisheries of the year.

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