Vancouver Fishing Report – July 13th, 2014

Sturgeon Fishing

The summer is here and things are heating up quickly…..and not just the weather. The Fraser is still on the drop and fishing has picked up. With the flow starting to ease up, less debris and clearer water we are enjoying our time on the water with some good fish. We are getting most of our hits on roe and lamprey. We are averaging 4-8 bites an outing and this should continue as things start to heat up in the fall. We are located only 25 minutes from downtown Vancouver and is an unforgettable experience.

Sturgeon Fishing (11)

Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing in the Gulf islands is still producing fish however you don’t need to travel that far to find them. We toughed it out in Howe Sound a couple of days and were rewarded with some nice fish in the 15-25lb range. We recently saw a push of coho into West Vancouver and with it a lot of anglers both from boats and shore. Swing by the office for all your salmon tackle and talk.


Fly Fishing

The Pitt River is still going strong and we are enjoying everyday. This fishery is producing fish in the 1-5lb range and is a blast on the fly. We are having most of our luck on streamer and minnow patterns. This river will continue to fish well for a few more weeks until the water gets low and less productive. Shoot us an email to talk about your options for this beautiful river.

Vancouver Fishing Report – June 28th, 2014

Sturgeon Fishing

The water conditions continue to improve this week with better clarity, lower water levels and less debris. Fishing the tides has been an integral part of our success. We are getting most of our bites when fishing slower water out of the main flow. Lamprey and roe have been producing good fish, with some interest in eulichons. A sturgeon half day trip is a great way to spend some time on the water searching for that big fish.


Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing has been a bit slower the past few days in the Gulf Islands. We should start to see some fish making a push into local waters. We have had better luck when fishing deeper in the water column. We are still getting fish on Delta Gibbs Guide Series Flashers (Bon Chovy, STS, Lemon Line, Madi, and No Banana’s) with hootchies, spoons and bait. We have heard reports of local fishing for chinooks starting to pick up and a few fish caught in Howe sound. We should see conditions improve over the next couple of weeks and expect to be fishing West Vancouver very shortly.


Fly fishing

The Pitt River is still fishing well, with fish weighing 1-4 pounds. It is a unique fishery and can find yourself getting lost in its beauty. June and July are some of the best months to fish the Pitt River. We have been having good success with leech and minnow patterns. With more opportunities for fly fishing becoming available, give us a call to discuss your options.

Vancouver Fishing Report – June 17th, 2014

Sturgeon Fishing

It looks like the worst is behind us and the water is shaping up nicely. Conditions are improving and we are looking forward to a killer season. With the appearance from a monster sturgeon this past week everyone’s looking to get out and try their hand. With big fish being caught and an increase in numbers it looks like it will be another long and productive sturgeon season.

We were out on the weekend and the fishing is picking up. We had most of our success on roe and lamprey with a few bites on eulachons. As always we are timing our trips with the tides and continuing to have success. With our boat located only 25 minutes from downtown, it has never been more convenient to get out and try this fishery.


Salmon Fishing

The salmon fishing in the gulf islands remains good as we expect it to. On the slower days it is very important to be patient and to fish the appropriate spots on the flood and ebb. We are running strictly Delta Gibbs Guide Series Flashers (Bon Chovy, STS, Lemon Line, Madi, and No Banana’s) with Hootchies, spoons and bait. Fishing Locally around Vancouver is slowly starting to pick up with a couple of chinooks being caught. As we get closer to the end of the month we should start to see more fish moving in.

photo 2

Fly fishing

The Pit River has been fishing quite well this past week. The water is low right now however the fish are on the move and feeding. With some snow still on the peaks, the fishing should remain good for the rest of the month. Time to dust off the fly gear and get back onto the river.

Vancouver Fishing Report – June 7th, 2014

Sturgeon Report

The freshet usually makes for tougher fishing and this year is no exception. Sturgeon fishing has improved over the last couple of days and has been pretty steady this past week. The countdown is on and it should be about 3 weeks until the Fraser comes back into shape. After that you can expect good sturgeon fishing well into the fall. We were out yesterday and we were able to boat a few fish. Roe, lamprey and eulachons have still been producing fish with lots of added scent.


Salmon Report

The winds have kept us from crossing the strait but it didn’t stop some people. The boats that snuck out during breaks in the wind managed a couple fish. The fishing should continue to be good for the next month. Then we start to focus our efforts closer to home. Fishing locally has been slow but we are getting reports of a few fish being caught. This should start to pick up towards the end of the month where we should see fish starting to push in.

50lb chinook being released

Fly Fishing Report

We are still playing the waiting game and we are probably not the only ones. We are hoping for things to change by the end of the month.

Vancouver Sturgeon and Salmon Report, May 27th

Lets get straight to it!

Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon fishing is still going strong with reports of decent numbers and good fish. Even though we are into the freshet we should see the fishing remain decent for the next few weeks. After that you can expect good, consistent sturgeon fishing throughout the summer months. We are timing our outings with the incoming tides and it is still producing fish for us. With the water being so high and dirty, we are dousing our baits in all kinds of scent and throw in just about anything that stinks. It’s a great time of year to get out and get your hands smelly, a 6 hour sturgeon charter is just what the doctor ordered.


Salmon Fishing

The Gulf Islands is still producing great fishing days. Last week we saw a couple slower days because of the strong currents. If you can find some calmer water then your chances of getting into fish are increased. With the dirtier water from the Fraser River, we are finding yamashita glow hootchies behind Gibbs Delta Guide Series Flashers are a great duo.  Fishing locally around Vancouver is a bit of hit and miss right now. We are getting 2-5 hook ups in a half day charter.


Fly Fishing

We are patiently waiting for the rivers to come back into shape. This normally happens around end of June or July.

Vancouver Fishing Report – May 13, 2014

A quick recap of what’s going on.

Sturgeon fishing

We are starting to see the Fraser river rise and that is expected around this time of year. The snow is melting and the river is on the rise. We will likely see it get even higher through the remainder of the week as the warmer temperatures stick around. We should continue to see good sturgeon fishing for the next couple months.

We are having success with the staples of sturgeon baits, eulachons, roe and lamprey.  It varies from day to day but we throw all of them down and they tell us what they want. As always we are timing our trips with the tides and consistently hooking 4-8 fish a trip.


Salmon Fishing

The last week has provided us with some great fishing with quite a few days hooking 15 to 20 chinook.  These fish have been deep in 600-1200 feet of water and are hitting almost anything. We are searching for them in anywhere from 70-160 feet but once you find them, get ready. We are using anchovies, G Force Spoons, Silver Horde Spoons and hootchies with most of our success coming from Gibbs Delta Guide Series UV Lemon Lime as well the Bon Chovy Flasher paired up with a UV Yamashit Double Skirt Hootchie.

Fishing locally is ok, hooking 2-5 fish on a 5 hour charter. Vancouver is still decent however your best bet is a full day trip over to the Gulf Islands. They are a blast and tough to beat.


Fly Fishing

Traditionally this time of year is very poor conditions for fly fishing because of the melt. If you do decide to head out please be very careful and everything is high and fast, which makes for nasty wading conditions.

Vancouver Fishing report – March 27, 2014


Howdy folks. Been an exciting couple weeks of fishing for us. With everything from good winter chinook fishing to steelhead and sturgeon and we even watched a friend of ours land a chum salmon in Squamish River on March 24th. A truly bizarre occurence if you know the lifecycle of Pacific salmon. So here’s what we’ve doing:

Salmon Fishing:

The Vancouver Harbour fishery has been up and down but for the most part it’s been slower than normal with the odd legal fish being taken.  As usual the Gibbs Lemon Lime flasher with either an Irish Cream and coho killer have been the “go to”.  There has been an increase amount of bait showing up in the harbour the last week or so.  This could indicate a vast improvement in fishing close to home in the near future.  Pretty soon we should start seeing some more quality fish off the mile markers and bell buoy.  Then the south Bowen fishery kicks off and we’re a go mission from then on…  Good things to come locally for sure.  We’re excited.

Definitely the best bang for you buck has been the 8 hour trips to Howe Sound.  Prawning has been decent and the fishing has been pretty solid.  Some days you have to work a little harder for them and some days it’s very good.  Either way that’s where they are feeding on herring and shiners, so that’s where we want to be.  Third marker and Grace Islands have both been producing fairly consistently.   We’ve been pulling Gibbs Guide series flashers both the Lemon lime and Bonchovy flasher have been the standard with the New G Force Bonchovy spoon and green/glo coho killer.

Vancouver salmon charter

Sturgeon Fishing

The season is kicking off on the sturgeon grounds.  The next couple months should great sturgeon fishing in the lower river.  Conditions are great and we’re ready to go.  From now until the spring freshet we’ll be dinosaur hunting.  If you haven’t experienced sturgeon fishing it’s a must do.

Fly Fishing

As always, this time of year sees our annual steelhead run.  There’s been some fish around for a couple weeks, but as always with steelhead fishing you have to work for them.  Cover water and put the odds in your favour…..  and you never know you may find the elusive March chum salmon.

Trout fishing has been ok.  There’s a good amount of fry in the river now and this will bring some trout into the usual haunts.  Cutthroat, bull trout and rainbows have been caught recently – mainly bulls and they have been healthy.  Upper Squamish is a good bet as well as the Mamquam.

With the rain in the forecast we’re hoping, as always, for a fresh push of fish.  Please remember proper fish handling and be safe.  Regulars in our area lately have been elk, wolves and cougars…  and bears inevitably on their way, so keep an eye out and be safe and respectful.

Squamish steelhead March chum salmon Squamish River






Lots of bright points in the last couple weeks and we have a great stretch ahead.  Looking forward to it.  Give us a shout, or come on by the shop on Granville Island for more information… or if you’re looking for your local Gibbs/Delta gear.

Tight Lines!


Vancouver Fishing Report – September 11th

VSFC Vancouver Fishing Report – September 11th 2013


It’s that time of year when the days get shorter, nights get cooler and the salmon are occupying our local rivers.  September is probably my favourite month.  Weather is usually very nice.  Sunshine, not too hot, not too cool and the fish are here.


Salmon Fishing

Local salmon fishing has been solid recently.  Decent numbers of Chinook and oink salmon are still being caught at the Sand Heads.  Glow hootchies and anchovies are not staying in the water very long.  These fish are suspended between 20ft and 90ft.  Probably a few a little deeper as well, but those depths have been working for us.

September marks the start of Capilano mouth Chinook fishing.  “The Cap” is off to a good start with some quality Chinook being caught throughout the flood tide.  This fishery should build within the coming weeks.  These fish we find focus on bait a lot more than artificial.  The first few weeks of September you’ll get suspending fish.  It’s been best between 45 ft and 75ft for us.  As the month progresses the fish will sit deeper in the water column.


Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon fishing in the lower river has been excellent.  There’s a lot of bites to be had and Luke and Eric have been getting on some nice fish.  Averaging around 4ft with several being north of 7ft these fish are pulling hard and living up to their reputation.  The Fraser River pinks are still shooting in and all this food in the river will keep the sturgeon on the prowl.  If you’re looking for an action packed day, with big fish than this is the experience for you.  The next couple of months is primetime.  We’re in the boat ready to rock within 20 minutes of downtown Vancouver.


Fly Fishing

The Squamish has an insane amount of pinks in it currently.  Pretty much all these fish are either spawning, or have spawned, and to be honest they’re not in the best shape.  My advice would be to leave these fish alone to do their thing, but if are going out to target them I suggest the use of circle hooks to eliminate as much foul hooking as possible.  Pretty soon the coho and chum salmon will be entering the river opening up new opportunities for fresh fish.

The lower Fraser has been surprisingly slow for pink salmon as of late.  Further up river you have a better shot it appears.  These fish are still entering the river and are in great shape.


Lovely Gulf Islands Ling cod

Vancouver Fishing Report – August 1, 2013


Well folks this has been a great back end of July providing lots of action for anglers fishing Vancouver and with weather that has made it all the more enjoyable.  Nothing better than calm water, sunshine and a lot of bites.  Our Vancouver fishing charters have been great on all fronts from sturgeon fishing through to fly fishing our rivers along with some great people that are really enjoying the experience.   Here’s a rundown on our Vancouver charters:

Sturgeon Fishing:

Sturgeon fishing has been solid with a decent number of fish being caught including some fish over seven and eight feet in length.  Only 15-20 minutes from downtown our Vancouver sturgeon charters have been covering both the north and south arm of the Fraser River and we’re seeing a lot of promise for the upcoming months.  The biggest fish of the year usually are caught between now and November.  The fish lately have been battling hard and providing some great acrobatics.  It’s always amazing to see fish this size explode out of the water…..  We’re looking forward to the road ahead.











Vancouver Salmon Fishing

Good numbers of coho and pink salmon have been in our local waters as of late.  We’ve been spending much of our time concentrating on the West Vancouver shoreline though Howe Sound around Porteau Cove and Furry Creek has also been kicking out good numbers of pink salmon.   Chinook (king) salmon fishing has been picking up in Burrard inlet with some nice fish up to 20 pounds being hooked closer to Point Atkinson and the down at the mouth of the Capilano.  Should start seeing more of these bigger salmon moving in within the next couple weeks to set us up for some excellent Vancouver salmon fishing.  Now is a great time to get the kids out there as there’s been a lot of activity!













Vancouver Fly Fishing

Hordes of pinks salmon returning to their home rivers to spawn brings exciting fishing opportunities for the fly fisherman.  Our Squamish River fishing report is solid.  This past two weeks fish have been trickling in and now it seems that the numbers are getting quite impressive.  Any pink, flashy little fly will do but pop into the Squamish fly shop on Main St. to get geared up if you’re going on your own.  Their resident pink salmon expert Harrison Perrin personally ties some of the more productive patterns.  Come join us for a day on the river! …….












Saltwater fly fishing has picked up as well with all the fish heading up Howe Sound.  If you want a great adventure give us a shout and head up the Sound in one of our Grady White Sport fishing boats to remote location that are not accessible to the masses and cast to these aggressive fish.  We do full day trips departing right from our location on Granville Island.  If you want to fly fish for pinks without the crowds this is the adventure for you.

Tight lines folks!