Vancouver Fishing Report, Mid March



Luke has been on the water quite a bit over the last week and has had some very encouraging results on the Lower Fraser River.   With the water temps slowly warming and spring on its way, sturgeon fishing is getting quite good.  The majority of the fish have been  in the 2 to 4 foot range, but there has been some better ones in the 5 to 6 foot range.  Luke has a couple MR3 Islander reels in the arsenal of reels on the Thunderjet.   Pretty awesome fighting a big sturgeon on a single action reel!  We are coming into a couple great months for sturgeon fishing in Vancouver.

Downtown Vancouver Sturgeon


Vancouver Sturgeon Boat





Winter chinook fishing has been ok over the last week.  We have had lots of Granville Island fishing trips out and most trips are hooking a nice fish or two and some undersize salmon.    We have been fishing all over the  place recently .  The Capilano Mouth, the Sunshine Coast, Georgia Strait,  Howe Sound, and the freighters in Vancouver Harbour have all had fish.  We have been running spoons deep on the riggers for most of our bites.   In the winter months, keeping your gear right off the bottom is the key to success.  As we move into April and May we will see fish show up off the South End of Bowen Island and the Gulf Islands.  April and May are  GOOD months for chinook salmon in Vancouver.   Crabbing in Vancouver Harbour has been amazing and traps are dropped at the start of each trip!spruce winter




The last few days have been a little on the challenging side on the local rivers.  Heavy rain and high freezing levels have resulted in really high water levels and tough fishing conditions.  Prior to the heavy rain, fresh run steelhead were being hooked on a relatively regular basis.  Steelhead fishing on the fly is not for the angler short on patience.  A good day on steelhead is hooking a fish or two.  If you are looking for a little more activity, trout fishing is a great bet in the spring.

The freezing levels are forecasted to drop by the weekend and the rivers will come back into shape.  There should be some good fishing to be had next as the best time to fish is when the rivers come back into shape after a high water event.TT2

Vancouver Fishing Charter Report, March 1/2013

Vancouver Sturgeon Fishing

The water temperatures have been slowly on the rise over the last week and Vancouver Sturgeon Fishing has started to pick up in the Lower Fraser River.    Fishing has been pretty decent for fish in the 2 to 5 foot range with the odd bigger one reported.   Luke’s jet boat is geared up and ready to go for the season.  As the water continues to warm for the next couple months, sturgeon fishing will really pick up as the sturgeon start feeding heavily after laying low for the winter.    April and May are really good months for sturgeon fishing in  Fraser River.












Recent rains have brought the water levels up in the Squamish Valley.  The higher levels should bring some new fish into the river system.  The last couple weeks have been decent for winter run steelhead compared to previous years at this time and should keep improving.   Swinging intruder patterns, or something bright with some movement have been getting grabs.  Tends to be more finding the fish than what they’ll chomp on.  They are quite aggressive by nature.  If you are looking for a little more action the bull trout fishing has been solid as it normally is in the winter time.   Fry are starting to emerge so those patterns should start to work well in the upcoming month.   March and April are some of the better months to drift or walk and wade the Squamish River.
Vancouver Salmon Fishing 

We have been on the water a lot over the last couple weeks fishing for winter chinook salmon.  Fishing has been consistent, but not great.  Each time out we seem to be having a shot at 2 to 4 salmon.  We have been fishing primarily in the inner reaches of Vancouver Harbour.   The West Vancouver shoreline has been best on the flood tide and deeper in the freighter anchorages has been best on the ebb.   Crabbing has been amazing over the last couple weeks with easy limits reached on most trips.    April and May are arguably the best months for numbers of chinook in the Vancouver area…we are looking forward to the good salmon fishing coming up!

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