Squamish report

Eagerly awaiting the arrival of the winter steelhead is an understatement.   The boys have been out nearly everyday waiting for the steelhead to arrrive and though there’s been a couple fish this week it hasn’t quite started up yet.  Rest assured we’ll be out there when it happens.  On a brighter note the bull trout fishing has been incredible so if you’re looking to find a few on the fly tie on a sculpin and start swinging.  The upper Cheakamus has been the zone for bulls.  Also, on a bright note the Vedder has been quite decent this week for winter steel.  We’ll keep you posted……..They’re coming……


February 6th Squamish Report


It’s raining!  Finally river levels are on the rise as we desperately await the arrival of our winter steelhead run.   Hoping it’ll be a good year.  Meanwhile the trout fishing has been incredible!  Bull trout up to 8lbs have been caught this week.  Sculpin and flesh flies are still producing the majority of the fish.  As for steelhead I’ll be out tomorrow in the hunt.  Still a little early, but anytime now we should start seeing some fish.