Spring Fishing Report – April 20th 2017

Spring is here and our offshore chinook fishery is now in full swing! We have enjoyed some very good fishing over the last few days. We are hoping that things will continue! Areas like the Bell Buoy, Cowan Point, Cape Roger Curtis and the Hump, the Gulf Island’s, and the QA have all seen good periods of activity. This offshore fishery in local waters should continue for the next 5 to 6 weeks. After that we will likely focus most of our efforts over on the Gulf Island side!

Now is the time of year to start we start running a bit more bait and hootchies in addition to our spoons. We usually run 4 rods and mix things up a bit to find the depth the fish are feeding and biting at. Usually the fish will be between 75 to 150 feet, but there are years where we get them as shallow as 40 feet and as deep as 200 feet (especially on the Gulf Island’s side). Good bets for spoons are the G Force No Bananas, Bon Chovy, Trailhead and Outfitter. Skinny G’s will also work in the same patterns. Glow Yamashita hootchies like the Blood and Bones, Chartreuse and Green Spackleback, and the plain glow are good ones as well. The Guide Series Flashers will also be key in the murky water with the UV and Glow really making a difference.

When fishing out on the deep water it is often necessary to cover some area to find the fish and the bait. Once you hit a fish or two, it is often a good idea to keep on working that area to see if you can keep hitting them. Pay attention to the way the currents are going as the fish will often move with the current. Quite often you will get more bites going with the current than against it. Looking for tide lines is also a good idea. The deep sea fishing in Vancouver in the spring can often involve a lot of searching but it can frequently result in some fast and explosive action if things come together!

As we progress into May and June, we will likely see our Gulf Island’s fishery really heat up! In fact, we have already seen some very encouraging fishing over there already. Because of the often excellent fishing over on the Gulf Island’s in May and June, we recommend booking full day charters for the next 2 months as it is possible to make the run across the if weather and fishing conditions permit!


Sturgeon fishing has also been very good on the Fraser River. The cool spring we have had so far has kept the river in excellent shape and the fishing productive. Most of the fish are in the 3 to 6 foot range, but there is some larger ones being caught, and always the chance at a monster!
Sturgeon Fishing Vancouver

Give us a call or send us an email to get out on the water! There will be the odd slow day, but there should be lot’s of good ones based on what we have seen over the last few days!

Tight lines!

Vancouver Fishing Report – October 7th, 2016

It definately feels like fall now! Sturgeon fishing has been solid and will contuinue to produce fish for the next 2 months. We are coming towards the end of our fall salmon season and it has not dissappinted. We have had some great days on the water with a few frustrating ones mixed in. We do have some opportunity for coho and chum off of the Fraser mouth for another 2 weeks or so.

Sturgeon Fishing

The Fraser river sturgeon fishery is one of Vancouver’s most consistent fisheries from July-November. We have had a great start but things should really start to pick up now that salmon are in all of the Fraser river tributaries. These fish will be heavily feeding and packing on the pounds for the cold winter ahead. Salmon parts and roe are your best bet for the remainder of the season.

Salmon Fishing

Salmon Fishing is almost at the end of its fall season. We have some opportunity to target coho and chum off of the south arm for another couple of weeks. The coho we have seen this year has been sizably bigger than years past. They are averaging 4-7 pounds with fish up to 15 pounds being caught. We should see a solid late run of coho which could be the biggest of the year.

With the migratory season winding down we are starting to get excited for our winter fishery for chinook that starts to pick up steam in December. We have had a few great years of winter chinook fishing and we are hoping this year wont be any different. With the presencse of the anchovoes in the strait of Georgia and the expected big herring spawn happening in Howe Sound in the winter/spring, things are really shaping up to be another solid year of winter springs. Give us a call or email us to get out for our favorite fisheries of the year.

Vancouver Fishing Report – September 4th, 2016

It has been a wet few days but it looks like it’s supposed to dry up in the near future. We are into our fall season of salmon and sturgeon. Sturgeon fishing has been solid over the past couple of months and it will only get better! Salmon fishing has been a little tougher recently as the rains likely encouraged the salmon to run up river. However it shouldn’t take long to see another push of fish off of the Fraser and in local waters.

Sturgeon Fishing

We have a great summer sturgeon fishery and to think it only gets better in the fall. With the salmon run upon us, these fish are actively feeding and packing on the pounds for the upcoming winter. Most of our trips are departing from either mission or at the Port Mann boat launch which is only 35 minutes from downtown Vancouver. The average fish is in the 4-6 foot class however on any given day you can hook into a 9+ footer. Now is the time of year that salmon parts and roe really shine, don’t be afraid to use big heads, bellies, etc. Sturgeon fishing will remain solid until things start to cool down into November. Give us a call to get you on the water.















Salmon Fishing

Overall salmon fishing has been good but the past couple of days have been tougher. The rains likely encouraged some fish to head up river bound for there “home” flows. We should see another push of fish any day now. We have seen some encouraging numbers of coho off of the Fraser mouth that are bigger than usually with fish up to 12 pounds. We are expecting a good coho run that could continue into later October.

This time of year these fish are very aggressive and are swimming high in the water column, often between 30-80 feet. Our most productive baits are anchovies, herring and hootchies. We have been have lots of success with the Gibbs Delta Guide Series Flashers(T-10, Bon Chovy & Lemon Lime). Come down to our office to get the most up to date reports and gear for the fall salmon fishery.

Vancouver Fishing Report – June 23rd, 2016

The weather has been all over the place over the last month. We have seen peak summer conditions followed by more fall like weather. It looks like we have a nice stretch of weather for the next couple of weeks. This bodes well for our sturgeon and salmon fisheries. Sturgeon fishing is starting to heat up and salmon fishing has continued to be impressive for June.

Sturgeon Fishing

With summer here and July around the corner, sturgeon fishing has already started to pick up. Typically summer months on the Fraser River are pretty consistent with good numbers and some quality fish. The average size fish is in the 4-6’ range and on the Fraser, there is always a chance at an 8-10 footer. We are hooking 5-12 fish on our 8 hour days. All of the standard baits work well and the later into the summer we get, the more we use salmon and salmon parts. This is a great time of year to get out and enjoy just how unique of a fishery we have on the Fraser. Give us a call to get you on the water.

Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing has been solid for the month of June. Typically things become a little more hit or miss on the Vancouver side of the Strait however this year we have seen an abundance of bait which has kept anglers busy. We have been spending most of our time in Howe Sound and locally. We have been running lots of spoons and hootchies behind Gibbs Delta Guide Series Flashers(Bon Chovy, Lemon Lime & STS). Most of these chinooks are in the 8-20 pound range but there has been some fish in the high twenties brought back to the docks. Fishing should continue to stay good locally as long as the bait sticks around. We are about a week away from our Coho Capilano fishery. Give us a shout or come by the shop to get geared up for this unique fishery.

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Vancouver Fishing Report – June 4th, 2016

We saw some cooler temps and rain that improved the conditions on the Fraser. Sturgeon fishing should start to improve in the upcoming weeks leading to summer. Typically July marks the beginning of some solid, consistent fishing that will last into the late fall. Salmon fishing has been quite good locally for this time of year. With some luck, these fish will stick around throughout the summer and feed.

Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon fishing has remained a bit challenging even with the improving conditions. If you put in your time, there are fish to be fought. With the warm weather this weekend, we can expect the water levels to come up and get dirty. This is the time of year where lots of scent greatly improves for chances of finding some fish. We have been having the most success with lamprey and roe. We have been hooking 3-6 fish on our half day trips but this should quickly change over the next few weeks. Give us a call to book your sturgeon trip.


Salmon Fishing

We have had a few weeks of solid, local salmon fishing. We have been spending most of our time in Howe Sound, the south end of Bowen Island and in the harbor. Typically early June tends to be a little more hit or miss but it has been quite good. We have been hooking 4-10 fish on our half day trips with a mix of legals and undersized fish. They average in the 10-25 pound range with a few big fish in the area. These fish have been shallow and we are getting bites as we are trying to stack our second rod! We have been using a mix of spoons and bait behind Gibbs Guide Series Flashers(Bon Chovy, Lemon Lime & STS).  Shoot us an email or come by our office for all of your salmon gear and up to date reports.


Vancouver Fishing Report – May 18th, 2016

We have seen some beautiful weather over the past couple of weeks. Sturgeon fishing has been fair considering the conditions and salmon fishing has been good overall. It was quite windy for a week which kept us on this side of the Strait but when we were able to cross it has been productive.

Sturgeon Fishing

There hasn’t been much change in the conditions or the fishing. Fishing has remained good and the conditions have remained challenging. We are doing our best to stay out of the main current and prevent debris from hitting our lines. This time of year always takes a little more patience but can be very rewarding. We have been having most of our success on eulachon and lamprey. We have been hooking 3-8 fish on our half day trips with the average fish being 4-6 foot in length.


Salmon Fishing

Salmon Fishing has been good locally, in the Gulf Islands and Howe Sound. Since the winds have died down, we have seen some solid fishing in Howe Sound and off of the south end of Bowen Island. The Gulf Islands have had some good days but we have seen orca’s a couple of times this week which has shut down the fishing almost instantly. Typically our local fishery starts to become a bit more hit or miss towards the end of May so our full days to the Gulf Islands is a solid bet. We are hooking 6-12 fish on our full day trips and dropping crab traps until early June.


Vancouver Fishing Report – May 4th, 2016

It feels more like summer than it does early May! Vancouver set record temps in April which resulted in a high and murky Fraser River. Between the Fraser River run off and algae glooms, most of the local saltwater hotspots are also cloudy. Despite less than ideal fishing conditions, we have seen some productive salmon and sturgeon fishing.

Sturgeon Fishing

This is always a frustrating time of year for the sturgeon fisherman and this year is no exception. With the rise is water levels of the Fraser, we are seeing lots of debris and logs in the main current. We have been looking for any water breaks and seams to get away from the debris and focus on fishing. We have been having most of our success on eulachon and lamprey but salmon roe always seems to have its place on the boat.  We have been hooking 3-8 fish on our half day trips with the average fish being 4-6 foot in length.


The freshet typically lasts into mid-late June and you can expect the sturgeon fishing to pick up shortly after water levels and clarity become more stable. Give us a call to get you on the water this summer and experience our unique Fraser River sturgeon fishery.

Salmon Fishing

We have seen some good fishing just about everywhere! Over the last 10 days we have seen productive fishing for chinook salmon locally, in Howe Sound and the Gulf Islands. Typically this time of year everyone is fishing off the Hump but with the winds and good fishing everywhere, that hasn’t been the case. Most of the fish are in the 8-15 pound range but we have seen some big boys in the mid-high 20’s kicking around. Now is about the time that everyone starts to head over to the Gulf Islands, it tends to be one of the more productive fisheries of the year. Anchovies and glow hootchies are tough to beat across the Strait and we have still been having a lot of success with the Skinny G Outfitter & Bon Chovy.  Come by our office to get all of your salmon gear for the Gulf Islands and local fishery.


Vancouver Fishing Report – April 20th, 2016

We have seen some beautiful weather over the past few weeks. It looks like spring is here and freshet is just around the corner. We have had some good salmon fishing and even better sturgeon fishing. This should continue into May until we are into full freshet conditions.

Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon fishing has been solid over the past month. With the rising river, these fish are moving around and trying to stay out of the main current. We have been having most of our luck on Eulachon and lamprey but we always like to throw some salmon roe in the mix. We have seen a bit of a higher average of fish in the 5-6 foot range with a few 7-8 footers finding our lines. It looks like next week is going to cool down a bit prolonging the freshet for another week. Give us a call to talk about options for getting you on the water.

Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing has been decent over the last couple of weeks. We are off of our winter routine and fish are suspended in the water column. We are still seeing a lot of shakers but recently we have seen a few big fish in the 20’s. This is a great sign of what’s to come in the very near future. We have been having success on the Gibbs Skinny G’s Outfitter and Bon Chovy spoons behind the Guide Series flashers(Bon Chovy, Lemon Lime and STS).

We are now in late April and we should start to hear whispers of the Gulf Islands any day now. Typically early May is good for chinook in the 10-25 pound range. We have some availability left over the next 10 days so give us an email or come by the shop for all of your gear.

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Vancouver Fishing Report – March 3rd, 2016

It seems this rain has been relentless this winter. The good news is spring is a few weeks away and hopefully it brings some sunshine. It looks as though the worst is over and we are seeing a rise in temperature, which means we should be out sturgeon fishing in the near future. Winter chinook fishing has been quite good this past month with a few slower days mixed in.

Sturgeon Fishing

With the warmer weather starting to poke its head, we can expect sturgeon fishing to pick. Typically March/April are good months for sturgeon fishing as they are on the move and feeding after the cold winter. Good baits that we always have on hand are lamprey, salmon roe and eulachon. We are expecting a decent run of eulachon this spring, so it should be a solid bet this time of year. Fishing should remain fairly good until we see the high/muddy water from the freshet starting in May. Give us a call to discuss your options to get on the water.

10437394_836005996420579_322529544475629019_n (1)

Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing has been solid throughout February and should continue into March and April. We have been spending most of our time in Howe Sound and in the Harbor. As we get later into the winter/spring, these chinook are feeding and all of those 22” fish in January are now legals. We are hooking 5-12 fish on our longer day trips with a few days of 15+ bites. We have been running Skinny G spoons and anchovies behind Gibbs Guide Series Flashers(Lemon Lime, Bon Chovy and STS).Crabbing and prawning have been good and should continue to be productive into the early spring. Shoot us an email to get more information about our great winter chinook fishery.


No comments Vancouver Fishing Report – January 29th, 2016

The past couple of weeks we have seen some big storms push through bringing some big winds and rains. Luckily it hasn’t stopped us from getting out on the water. Salmon fishing has remained good and we have found some productive crabbing and prawning grounds. Sturgeon Fishing is slower in the winter months, so if you looking to get out on the water then winter springs is your best bet.

Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon fishing is typically slower during the winter months. These fish get very lethargic and don’t tend to eat or move around very much. So if you are heading out to try your luck, it is key to target deeper holes and experiment with some different scents. Salmon roe is a great bait for this time of year. We should see the sturgeon fishing start to pick up in March or April when the water temperatures rise and before the freshet occurs. Until then, winter chinook fishing is your best bet.


Salmon Fishing

We have been out the past couple of weeks and salmon fishing has been fairly good with a mix of legals and undersized fish. This should change as these fish are actively feeding and growing by the week.We are hooking 3-6 fish on our half day trips. We have been spending most of our time in Howe Sound, Vancouver harbor and in the Gulf Islands. Our winter fishery is a little different as we are fishing right off bottom in the 125-250 foot range. Our go to set-ups are Gibbs Guide Series flashers in Bon Chovy, Madi and lemon limes with 3” & 3.5” spoons.


Now is a great time to get out and enjoy our great winter fishery. Give us a call to get you on the water this winter!